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Ski Off-Piste

Off piste skiing is such a fun activity; finding your own routes through the back country, lots of powder and areas to explore. We at MPI appreciate that the temptation to take a few runs away from the piste can be too much, and therefore we include off piste skiing as part of our wintersports cover, with or without a guide.

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We also understand the confusion that can arise when skiing and snowboarding. There are many occasions where as a skier you could unwittingly ski off piste, which can include skiing between one piste and another and in certain circumstances it is possible to ski on a piisted run which is designated off piste.

Many ski insurance policies either exclude this or limit skiing off piste to be with a guide, which is impractical and those policies don’t understand what ‘off piste’ really means.

It is due to this type of confusion that we at MPI Brokers have negotiated with underwriters that there is no such exclusion or limitation in this policy. There is, however, a general requirement, common to all insurance, to behave in a reasonable and sensible manner.

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