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Long Stay

Be it stopping off to visit your children who have moved to Australia, through to travelling the world. From 1 month to 12 months, we can cover you. We have specialised in this type of insurance for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience in providing travel Insurance for longer trips.

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With these types of trips you are usually planning to travel for a longer than normal holiday. Therefore, bereavement cover and the ability to extend your cover during your trip are important elements to consider. We can help include these in your cover.

Key Features

  • A choice of three packages
  • Working and volunteering cover
  • Cancellation cover due to FCO warnings
  • Ability to extend cover whilst overseas
  • Emergency Medical Expenses up to £5 million
  • 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance and repatriation
  • Additional Amateur Mountain biking option
  • Snowsports option
  • Sailing cover
  • Most unplanned sports and activities covered
  • Loss or damage to baggage, including cameras and iPod
  • Bereavement cover
  • Personal liability


There is cover for most activities as long as they don’t form the reason for your trip and are incidental to your trip.

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Do you have an existing medical condition?

We will ask series of questions pertaining to the last 12 months. You can continue your purchase with the conditions excluded, or, if you would prefer to ask underwriters to cover your condition(s), please ask for a Medical Screening form.

The outcome will be one of:

1) Full cover for your declared condition(s)
2) Cover with an increased excess for your declared condition(s) 
3) No cover for your declared condition(s) More Information