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Thursday 26 November, 2020

Working from anywhere? Why not the Alps?

Planning on working from anywhere? Why not the Alps.

You will need the right insurance cover. You are not on holiday.

The Covid cloud is over us all and many have realised that with this new 'working from home' regime, apart from lessening the commute, may have another upside.

AdobeStock 24879133 sqAs long as there is good internet and phone connection/reception - it doesn't need to be from 'home'.

Reports have reached MPI that some people are taking their 'office' work overseas be it the Alps or the Med utilising their second home, or actually renting a place for a length of time.

MPl's long stay travel insurance policy can be the very thing you need whilst abroad as it provides cover if you travel against FCDO advice other than the reason for the warning. This extends to all normal risks e.g. ski accidents. Insurance is available from one to 12 months and you can travel home and return as often as you like.

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