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Holidaying in the UK - Travel insurance – why you need it…

…even though Coronavirus is a known pandemic ….

…. you can still break your leg, clambering over the slippery rocks in Cornwall or even playing tidily winks …!!

When booking a trip away, it is always recommended to take out travel insurance at the same time, in order for cancellation cover to be in place. If you book with a travel company this will usually be a condition of booking, even if you are only travelling in the UK. 

Although there may be no cover for an event connected with Covid 19 the main purpose of taking out Travel Insurance at the time of booking is if you or your family became ill or injured prior to your holiday and couldn’t go.

The second part of a travel insurance is to cover you for when you are travelling to and from your destination, including travel delay and missed departure beyond your control, plus baggage loss in transit if you were flying across the UK for example.

Other important parts of travel insurance whilst holidaying in the UK is for when you have arrived on your holiday and things unfortunately go wrong:

  • you have an accident and injure a third party
  • if your possessions are lost or stolen
  • if you or your family became ill or injured and have to be treated in hospital then this would fall to the NHS, however if repatriation home is required, then travel insurance can help with this including getting your car and family home if you can’t drive back

No one expects or hopes for a mishap, but unfortunately, they can happen, and it is always wise to put plans in place for if it does, travel insurance being the main one.

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