Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Save the Ski Train

Eurostar have made the mindboggling decision to cancel the Ski Train, and we are just as confused as you.

The ski train offers a comfortable, convenient journey, that goes directly to many popular ski resorts with no need to worry about the hassle of busy airports and long transfers. Not to mention the emissions from a train journey are just a fraction of a flight.  It has come at a time where people are desperate to find an alternative to flying, so why would Eurostar cancel this now without any warning?!

Snowcarbon, a snowsports travel company that prides itself on taking better care for our planet by making sure all their ski holidays are via train, have set up a petition to try to change Eurostar’s mind.  The petition has only been running for 7 days and has already got over 4,000 signatures, they’re very close to their target of 5,000, but still need the support from fellow skiers and boarders!

The petition has got a lot of attention so far with one signee saying ‘I'm signing because in order to protect our winters, and the entire planet, low carbon transport options need to be available year round for whatever activity people plan to do. Cancelling the ski train massively limits the available low carbon travel options to the mountains and should not, for the good of the planet, go ahead’

So, please help us #SaveTheSkiTrain by signing the petition, joining the Facebook campaign and sharing it on as many platforms possible!

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