Wednesday 11 November, 2020

“Save Our Jobs”

A Campaign from ‘Seasonal Businesses in Travel’ (SBiT)

MPI have a close working relationship with the travel industry for obvious reasons and this campaign is very close to our hearts, we hope you will read and action if you think it affects you too…

There are 25,000 people that work in the EU supporting the travel industry, 87% are aged between 18-34 and these jobs are at risk of being lost if there is ‘no deal’ or if Boris Johnson fails to negotiate a way for temporary work to carry on in the EU post Brexit.

Outbound travel contributes to £37.1 billion to the national economy, if young people are unable to travel freely within the EU to do their jobs for the season, then this figure is likely to decrease.

Young people have been hit hard as a result of the pandemic, there are currently very few job opportunities available within the UK. They need the option of being able to work overseas without the need of going through the lengthy process of obtaining work permits or Visa’s.

Most of these temporary, seasonal jobs consist of reps, chalet hosts, nannies, drivers and many more, all of which make sure your holiday runs smoothly, effectively, and ultimately makes your trip memorable.

Femi Oluwole – an anti-Brexit campaigner has produced a video of interviews with seasonaires. His aim is to show first-hand how many young people’s jobs are at stake.

So, please watch the short video, sign the petition and share on as many social media platforms as you are able and you’ll be helping us get Boris’s and other Governments to focus on saving these temporary jobs!

For the petition, click here

For the Youtube video, click here

Many overseas resorts in Europe are reliant on English speaking seasonaires due to the high volume of British holidaymakers that require help and assistance during their trips. For these seasonaires to work, they require insurance, many of which use MPI’s specialist seasonaire insurance to provide cover for the duration of their working season.

We ask you to help us save these jobs!

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