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Ski Pack

Your customer is injured or sick and is no longer able to continue skiing or snowboarding but is not returning home early nor has been admitted to hospital.

We suggest you do the following...

  1. Advise the customer to obtain a note from the local doctor that they are unfit to continue skiing/snowboarding.
  2. Take this note to the three services, ski school, lift company and hire shop and attempt to obtain a refund.
  3. Advise the customer to keep all receipts and the doctors note and file a claim on their return home.

Note about point 2...

It is a policy condition that this is done, the insurance will then pay if this action is unsuccessful or an administration charge is made by the service provider during this process.

Provided everything is in order they will receive a proportion for the lost usage.

See below for a bit of history about this section and how it links to curtailment.

A bit of history

Until the mid 1980's some wintersports insurance policies provided cover under the curtailment section (click here to see curtailment) that in the event of injury that prevents the customer from skiing - the purpose of their trip, he could return home early and claim the associated additional costs plus the proportional lost holiday.

Unfortunately this cover is no longer available other than for returning home early (or later) for medical reasons. It is for this reason we introduced the ski pack cover.