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Mid Level Medical Incident

Once you have become aware of a medical incident we suggest you make contact with the patient to establish a course of action.

In the early stages do not try to rush things, as a lot of the decisions to make over the next few days will be based on medical opinion.

If the cost is likely to be below £500 refer to 'Minor injury'.

Please be aware that if it is not medically necessary to return home early, the Assistance Company on behalf of insurers are likely to suggest the patient returns to their hotel/chalet.

If they are unable to continue skiing there maybe cover under the Ski Pack section.

We suggest you do the following:

  1. Make contact with the patient
  2. Contact the Assistance Company only if costs are likely to exceed £500 (00441428 773000) and advise you are the Resort Manager or Rep for (name of Tour Operator) in (name of resort) and you are notifying them of an incident in the name of (name of patient)
  • Advise that you will be sending them a completed Accident Report Form (fax or scan and email)
  1. Gather as much information as you can on the form, as this will be useful for you and the Assistance Company as the incident develops.
  2. Send the form to the Assistance Company using the details provided on the form (no contact details on the form, this needs to be looked at as to which details old/new etc need to be on there),  but don't wait for all the information to become available. This can be obtained later

You can view or download our Accident Report Form...

Click Here