Loss or Damage - Ski Equipment

Please note:

  1. This section covers your customers own skis, bindings, sticks and snowboards
  2. Ski boots and other ski clothing etc. is covered under the baggage section
  3. Hired equipment is also covered under this section including hired ski boots

Loss and Theft

These go together as sometimes it is difficult to know whether an item has been lost or stolen.

We suggest you do the following:-

  • Advise your customer to report the loss to the Police and obtain a crime report number. There is a facility on the loss report form (see below) for you to describe the circumstances where this has not been done which will be taken into account when adjusting the claim
  • If a repair is not possible, locally advise the customer to retain the damaged articles for possible inspection on their return to the UK.
  • Obtain details of how the damage occurred and the name and address of any person or organisation who may be responsible. The customer may complete a claim form on their return to the UK.

This section also covers the cost of hiring equipment following:-

  • Loss or theft
  • Damage
  • Delays by airline

Please note hire shops usually offer a local 'insurance' which whilst this is not strictly necessary as there is protection under our policy, customers ought to consider taking out as it reduces hassle in resort.

You can view or download our Ski Equipment Report Form

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