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Loss of Baggage

Fortunately under Wintersports policies there is a low incident rate for loss or damage to baggage and personal effects. Should this occur and the customer comes to you for help as the representative of the Tour Operator, please read below...

At this point under no circumstances should you indicate or suggest to your customer that the Insurance Company will pay. That is a matter for them to decide once all the facts have been presented by your customer via a claim form.

There are however certain things the customer must do at the time of loss in order for the policy to respond.

There are three parts to this section which are loss, theft or damage and we have shown below what to do in the three types.


We suggest you advise the customer...

  • To retain the damaged articles for return to the UK for possible inspection
  • Obtain details of how the damage occurred and the name and address of any person or organisation who may be responsible
  • Complete a claim form on their return

At this point the customer may wish to receive reassurance that they will be paid before replacing the item(s) locally. Under no circumstances should this be given, it is the customer's choice as to whether they wish to replace the items immediately or await the outcome of their claim.

Loss and theft

These go together as sometimes it is difficult to know whether an item has simply been lost or whether it has been stolen.

We suggest you do the following:

  • Advise your customer to report the loss to the Police and obtain a crime report number. There is a facility on the loss report form (below) for you to describe the circumstances where this has not been done which will be taken into account when adjusting the claim
  • In the event of a loss in a hotel, the loss must be reported to a senior member of staff at the hotel and a report obtained
  • Where there is evidence of break-in to a building this should be documented. The customer should complete a claim form on their return to the UK

You can view or download our Loss of Baggage Report Form...

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