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How to assist your customers

This is a guide to help you perform your job as a Representative of your Tour Operator. In no circumstances should you make any promise that an event or loss is covered as we will then have to pay it even if there are particular circumstances that mean it is not covered. Should this happen, you or your employer may become liable.

The boxes below describe various situations you may encounter. Please click at the foot of each box to view more information.

Major Medical Incident

A serious injury or illness involving admission to hospital

Mid Level Medical Incident

Referral to hospital but not being admitted overnight

Minor Medical Incident

An injury or sickness usually having been treated in the resort

Hospital Benefit

A customer is admitted to hospital following an injury or sickness


A customer is no longer able to ski or ride because of injury or illness

Ski Pack

Loss of use of ski school, ski hire and ski pass

Loss of baggage

Loss or damage to baggage or personal effects (other than ski equipment)

Delayed baggage

If baggage is delayed in transit

Transfer Delays

There is a delay between the airport and resort

Lost/Damaged Equipment

Loss or damage to ski equipment or it has been delayed by the airline.

Personal Liability

A customer skis into another person causing injury or damage to property

Loss of Money

Loss or there is suspected theft of money