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Hospital Benefit

If a customer is admitted to hospital for one or more nights and provided the policy contains the hospital benefit section, the customer may claim a daily amount which is paid as a benefit.

The purpose of this section is to provide the customer with a cash amount for non medical costs such as:

  • Transport costs for a relative or friend to visit the customer in hospital.
  • Telephone calls, fax or e-mail charges.
  • Newspapers, magazines and the like.

Customers claim these costs back using a claim form.

Since the provision under this policy is that the sum insured shall be paid as a benefit the customer does not have to provide receipts, he simply gets the lump sum payment.

The advantage to you as the Tour Operator's representative in resort is where a close relative or travel companion asks the tour operator to pay for a taxi for them to visit their friend/relative you can refer to this section.