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Private Medical Insurance – UK & Overseas

MPI Brokers have teamed up with specialist PMI (Private Medical Insurance) Brokers Medical Expenses Consulting (MEC).

Whether you require a UK or overseas plan MEC can provide terms.

With a proactive hands on approach MEC provides a full consultancy service to ensure that you are provided with the best possible healthcare package at competitive rates. They will provide unbiased advice for the most appropriate long term solution and they have access to all the major UK PMI providers.

A UK PMI policy doesn't provide private health treatment cover abroad. An overseas or expat PMI policy does, which dovetails into any travel insurance cover you have. Please remember travel insurance is still necessary, PMI is not a replacement.

To obtain a personalized quote please contact Dieter Clausnitzer, Client Director at MEC on 01276 858235 or send an email to