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EHIC/GHIC Information

If you are travelling to Europe, carry your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), with you at all times. It gives you access to the same emergency treatment that locals would receive.

However, the new GHIC is currently not accepted in Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, although we hope this will change in time. Norway will accept a UK passport for the same level of cover, however it is best to check. The GHIC is also accepted in Australia and New Zealand, where the EHIC is not.

EHIC/GHIC does not cover treatment in private hospitals, or costs such as mountain rescue, repatriation, or lost property. You need Travel Insurance as well as your EHIC or GHIC.

Despite UK government advice to keep your EHIC or GHIC with your passport, MPI advises you to have it with you to avoid any problems if you need treatment. If you are skiing, keep your EHIC or GHIC with your ski pass. You will need to produce it in the event of an injury, there will be no time to retrieve this from your hotel/chalet and an emergency replacement is no longer available.

To apply for a new GHIC click this link – it takes you to the official NHS site where the GHIC is free.