Covid 19 FAQs

Below we provide a selection of current questions and answers on COVID 19. Please note these can change at any time.

Last Updated : 18 November 2020
Q: What if I contract Covid-19 on my trip?

A: We provide emergency medical expenses, hospital costs, ambulance costs, extra accommodation costs (B&B) and repatriation if you contract the virus whilst overseas provided there is no FCDO don't warning against travel to the country you intend to visit.

Q: When did MPI change cover for Covid-19?

A: Travel insurance provides cover for the ‘unknown’, on 13th March 2020 insurers deemed that the virus was then a ‘known’ circumstance and Covid-19 was declared a pandemic on 17th March 2020. Thus from 13th March 2020 MPI stopped providing any cover for any claims relating to Covid-19 for trips/policies booked/purchased after this date.

The emergency medical expenses cover for contracting Covid-19 overseas came into place on 7th July 2020 and was automatically applied to all current and new policies. Again, this cover is only in place if the FCDO do not warn against travel to your destination(s).

Q: My policy and trip were purchased before 13th March 2020, what am I covered for?

A: If both insurance purchased and booking of the trip was before 13th March 2020 then you would have grounds to submit a cancellation claim if there is an FCDO warning to your destination, or if you contract the virus prior to travelling.

The policy covers non-refundable costs so you should cancel your trip and obtain a cancelation invoice which would show any refunds available. For help and advise contact our claims team .

Q: Is my policy still valid if there is an FCDO warning against travel to my destination?

A: Yes, you can still travel on an MPI policy against FCDO advice. All MPI policies provide cover as per the terms and conditions which are not related to the reason for the warning.

For example if you were to travel to a country with an FCDO warning to not travel there due to Covid-19, then there would be no cover for any claims related to the virus, but if you were to be injured or fall ill (non-covid related), there would be.

Q: Is my policy still valid if there is a Lockdown in my country of residence?

A: If the FCDO advise against travel this is just advice and our policy can provide cover if you travel, just not for the reason for the advice. However, if the government have declared restricted travel (apart from in certain situations), you could be breaking the law by travelling overseas. You must be certain the purpose for your travel falls within their guidelines otherwise you may be breaking the law and insurance probably won’t provide cover.

Q: My trip has been cancelled because of Covid-19, am I covered?

A: No, there is currently no cover for any claims under any other section of the policy if the reason for the claim is due to Covid-19, apart from under the emergency medical section or if your trip and policy was purchased before 13th March 2020.

Q: Am I covered for costs if I have to self-isolate whilst on my trip?

A: Unfortunately, there is currently no cover for this under our policies.

Q: I need to come home early due to Covid-19 restrictions, can I claim these costs back?

A: Unfortunately, there is no cover for this under our policies at the moment.

Q: My trip has been deferred to next year, can I defer my MPI Travel Insurance policy dates?

A: If your trip is deferred to a later date then get in touch with us by emailing letting us know your new travel plans, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to defer the dates but it’s worth asking!

Q: My trip is cancelled, I don’t need my policy anymore, can I get a refund?

A: There is a 14-days cooling off period where you can cancel your policy and obtain a full refund, as long as you haven’t travelled. If you are outside the 14 day period then please email and we can see if anything can be done.


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