Overseas Resort Staff Insurance

Be it Summer or Winter, Europe or America, a Single Chalet Team or large Tour Operator, MPI Brokers are able to arrange competitive seasonaire insurance to cover your overseas staff.

As a company employing staff, even seasonal staff, there is a duty of care to provide a suitable travel insurance policy to suit the activities they will partake. In addition, insuring all your employees with one provider allows for easy management and peace of mind.

The cover is provided in three sections:-

Part A - Emergency Medical Expenses (including repatriation), Mountain Rescue, Personal Liability and Company money up to £500.

Part B - Personal Belongings, Bereavement Cover, Sports Equipment, Reduced Excesses, Missed Departure etc.

Part C - Tablets, Laptops, Games Consoles etc.

You can provide one or all of these sections for your staff, the choice is yours.

Please do note that we provide 'Swaps' cover, therefore if a member of staff leaves your employment and haven't/won't be making a claim, you can replace that member of staff with Part A cover for no additional cost.

Highlights of our great cover:

Ski & Snowboard

  • Reduced excess under Part B for emergency medical
  • Personal liability (incl. cover for hosting/leading/teaching and babysitting - all in a personal capacity)
  • Off Piste (with or without a guide)
  • Tobogganing and Snow Parks
  • Ski Equipment
  • Local ski racing


  • Reduced excess under Part B for emergency medical
  • Personal liability (incl. cover for hosting/leading/teaching and babysitting - -all in a personal capacity)
  • Amateur non-competitive mountain biking
  • Sailing *, windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, paddle boarding and more
  • Summer sports equipment including bicycle
  • Local dinghy racing

* No personal Liability cover

There are three ways you can provide this cover to your staff, for more details on which option best suits you, take a look at our sales leafletand policy wording below...

Early Bird Discount

We provide a pre-season (summer or winter) early bird discount off Part A premiums.  Please contact head office for more information.

Having arranged Specialist Overseas Staff Travel Insurance for many years and researched many season based policies we are aware of the pitfalls that some have, remarkably including no cover for working and have therefore designed a policy which covers many of these areas.

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