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Crisis Management

This insures your company in the event of a crisis of which its main features are organising and managing the PR, enquiries, press, emergency medical etc.

MPI Brokers has access to a couple of markets providing this type of insurance. It normally goes alongside Public Liability Insurance but can occasionally be taken out separately.

A Crisis is defined as:-

An event causing Sickness, Injury or Death to 2 or more customers, or in the event of food poisoning in one location 10 or more people.

The insurance effectively allows you and your staff to continue running your business.

The insurance will provide for:

  • Incoming calls
  • PR and the Press
  • Legal aspects
  • Arrange and pay for travel for relatives
  • Arrange and pay for travel for Counsellors and Doctors
  • Arrange and pay for travel for up to 10 staff

This insurance is linked to the Tour Operator Combined Liability Insurance, so in order to obtain terms please complete the attached form by clicking on the link below.

Tour Operators Liability Insurance Proposal Form -

Click Here

Please see form below to help manage a major incident...

Major accident report form.