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Combined Liability Insurance

This covers your business as a travel company, in the event of an action being brought against your company following bodily injury or sickness to third parties including customers and employees, plus Professional Indemnity (mistakes).

MPI Brokers have access to the main markets who provide this insurance and therefore are able to research the market on your behalf to obtain the most suitable terms for your travel business.

There are four areas in this type of insurance...

1. Public Liability Insurance

This protects your company’s liability to the public (which includes your customers), should your company cause injury to a third party or damage to someone else’s property.

2. Employers' Liability Insurance

This insures your company against claims brought by employees for sickness and injury. It is a legal requirement under the Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance Act 1969) to hold a certificate of insurance, which must be displayed on your company notice board.

3. Professional Indemnity Insurance

This insures your company if a mistake is made causing financial loss to a customer for which you are held legally liable.

4. Products Liability Insurance

This covers your liability for personal injury or damage arising from the supply of goods, for example hired sports equipment.

Each of the above will protect your company if it is held to be negligent and this can be proved by a claimant (previously known as the plaintiff).

The above is a very brief synopsis of the insurance(s) so you must always read the policy wording carefully to establish the extent of cover, especially if you manage properties.

To obtain terms:

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