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Resort Staff Claims

When making a claim as a member of staff, you are doing so under your company's Resort Staff insurance policy which is one of the reasons we ask your manager to sign the claim form. Failure to have the form signed will result in the form being returned to you and will delay your claim.

If your claim does not fall into any of the above claim types, please complete the 'front and 'back pages' and attach a covering letter with details of your claim.

What do I do after I have completed the claim form?

Once the relevant forms have been completed and signed by your manager, forward to MPI Claims by post, fax or email, which is shown on the 'back page'

Please keep copies for your own records as in some circumstances original invoices/receipts may be required.

If claiming under more than one section you will only need to complete one 'front page' and 'back page'. The 'back page' needs to be signed by yourself and your Manager/Employer.

Notification of Incident

We suggest you complete and return a claim form immediately (links found above), but if for some reason you cannot do this within the 31day limit, you may complete the Notification of Incident (“NOI”) form below.

This will extend the time you have to submit a full claim form to 2 months from the date of incident. You can also use this as a temporary ‘Guarantee of Payment’ for treatment received  e.g. piste rescue, physiotherapist etc. by giving the provider the NOI number however no bills will be paid until receipt of a valid claim

If using as a guarantee, you must file a full claim immediately.

More information about this and the full procedure can be found in your MyMPI account.

Useful Hints About Making A Claim

  • it is very important that if you wish to make a claim that this is done within 31 days of the incident giving rise to a claim
  • try to enclose all the documents requested but do not wait for them all to become available if you are likely to exceed the 31 days cut off
  • we often receive phone calls asking if a certain matter or items can be claimed. Please be aware that any advice given over the phone or in e-mails is simply an opinion based on limited information. It may not be assumed that the policy will respond until the full facts are known
  • always be truthful, as incorrect or exaggerated claims may result in the whole claim being declined and in extreme cases your policy may be cancelled
  • think before you spend. It is a policy requirement to minimize your costs.

You will receive acknowledgment of your claim within a few days of receipt.